What is QMetric?

QMetric is a tool suite for systematic quality evaluation based on software metrics. Its core is a metric calculator that is adaptable to underlying data sources like issue tracking systems and version control systems. A web-based query tool simplifies defining metrics and browsing metric results. Moreover the QModel tools support the definition of organization specific quality models as well as the automatic evaluation and comparison with empirical data.


January 1, 2014: BugzillaMetrics 1.3 has been released. It was tested with Bugzilla 4.4

January 2, 2012: BugzillaMetrics 1.2 has been released. It was tested with Bugzilla 4.2RC1

March 11, 2011: BugzillaMetrics 1.1 has been released. The new status workflow of Bugzilla 4.0 is supported.

December 17, 2009: MantisMetrics 0.3 has been released. It offers all capabilities of the BugzillaMetrics system ported to the Mantis bug tracker.

December 4, 2009: BugzillaMetrics 1.0 has been released.

September 1, 2009: BugzillaMetrics 1.0 RC1 has been released.

  • New features include static links to metric calculations and results.
  • If you are upgrading from version or earlier, make sure to update your BugzillaMetrics database.
    See the release notes.

May 2009:The QMetric tool suite was presented at the International Conference of Software Engineering.

ICSE 2009


QMetric tool suite was developed by the Research Group Software Construction, RWTH Aachen University and supported by Kisters AG (Aachen, Germany). It is licensed under the Mozilla Public License.